Saturday, March 21, 2009

I don't think I've ever experienced such bone deep burned out-ness. Seriously, it is taking some effort to get out of bed every morning, to go to class, to work, to the gym. I think I need a few weeks to do absolutely nothing. With only 3 weeks of class left in my undergrad career (consisting of 3 papers and 2 finals) that should end a stressful period. Then there's grad banquet on the 17th, and my last exam on May 6th followed by 3 weeks in Europe. I should be looking forward to all of this, but am just too freaking tired. The sleeping meds I take knocked me out for 10 hours last night, which should have helped, but I'm still tired. And REALLY not wanting to write this 6000 word essay for my City and the Body in Mod Jap Lit class. But I will.

Also good news is the fact that the parentals are off to Hawaii for two weeks and so I iwll be at home dogsitting. Maybe I just need to get out of rez, cook for myself (and not get sick off of Burwash's mega carbs).

Job interview last week went really well, so there is a possibility I may be employed in September. Otherwise, hey, I will inspect citrus in the warehouse or be a produce spy for a while.

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